About works

They are so different, each one has its own personality, own unique mood....

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to acquaint yourself with this exclusive and unique art collection of cross stitched embroidered compositions.

The idea of embroidery on canvas - a handicraft that was not easy to classify, occurred eight years ago. This was not just any embroidery the author wanted to create something unique, something the world hasnt seen.

The uniqueness of these compositions lays in the authors personal technology and complexity of execution.

No wonder audience accept these as painted works of art due to their richly coloured palette and fine detailed stitching. Such incredible combination of tones and reflections is not often seen in paintings let alone in cross stitched embroidery. This is truly surreal!

From the reaction of spectators and visitors, it became apparent that the compositions had a mesmerising effect on those who witnessed them live.

Unfortunately, a picture does not pass all sensuality and emotionality of picture, which ceated exactly by the loose invoice of cross, his mosaicism and soul, inlaid an author... Implementation of works is possible on Your theme.

All works are guaranteed exclusive. Repeat them, or can not be copied - Art Hand scheme, author technology titanic selection of yarn and piece of work.

Can do the work on your theme (including the portrait).

Fragments of embroidered pictures (click to zoom):

Fragments of a workload (click to zoom):

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